Hopfgarten in Defereggen, Tyrol, Austria

Hopfgarten in Defereggen, Tyrol, Austria, has chosen a very individual and independent path over the course of its 20-year developmental process, which is based on an in-depth examination of existing potentials and the resulting medium- and long-term opportunities for the municipality of about 700 souls.

Many multifaceted, integrated projects and initiatives document a consistent reorientation, focusing on creating a high quality of life for all villagers with their different needs, as well as preserving authenticity and a strong identity without endangering the climate of openness.

All projects and initiatives are based on the motto: We are not only responsible for what we do, but also for what we do not do. On the one hand, they are characterized by broad voluntary commitment and active participation of the residents and on the other hand by sustainable supra-regional cooperation.

Evaluated: 2018