Bad Schandau, Saxony, Germany

In the course of an exemplary process with an outstanding involvement of the inhabitants the local authority association Bad Schandau, Saxony, Germany, has driven the development of the model “perspective Bad Schandau” and thereafter consequently realized it. Cross-border coordination of measures in regards to flood protection and contemporary leisure offer for tourists, the proactive restructuring of health services, the logistically and spatially well designed public bus system, and the electronic platform “commodities from around here” in order to facilitate direct marketing particularly stand out.

Along with the cautious structural restoration of old buildings through complex architectural measures a mindset in line with the motto is clearly recognizable. Lastly, the fair collaboration of the three local authority associations Bad Schandau, Rathmansdorf, and Reinhardtsdorf-Schöna with their respective central towns and village parts, as well as the dedication of volunteers for refugees in a very difficult environment must be emphasized.

Evaluated: 2018