Truden im Naturpark, South Tyrol, Italy

Truden im Naturpark, South Tyrol, Italy, ran the risk of being left behind in many key areas of community development due to its remote location and lack of touristic development. Numerous vacancies, especially regarding the historic structure in the center, as well as the lack of institutions for children and seniors were just a few of the many tasks to be tackled. Through an extraordinary culture of participation, the 2015 newly elected local government succeeded to turn the tide.

As part of the municipal vacancy management, numerous young families were convinced to use existing buildings instead of building new ones and thereby managed to revitalize the town center in addition to contributing to a careful use of the resource land.

Groundbreaking are also the expansion of electric mobility, the upward revaluation of the community‘s forest, numerous facilities for young people and seniors and the combination of agriculture and tourism, which becomes apparent due to the conscious decision not to use hail nets.

Evaluated: 2018